Photography by award winning headshot photographer Aimee Spinks

I am a young actor, writer and facilitator based in the West Midlands with a background in regional theatre, from performing and directing Shakespeare to exploring hilarious and challenging new work. I work professionally in both theatre and film and am quietly working on my own play ‘Lifeline‘. I love to tell stories that move and inspire, and I’ve always had a reputation for absolutely throwing myself into whatever project comes my way, there’s no other way to be!

As with many in the arts, work was incredibly slow in the last two years. Despite that, in 2021 I appeared on US television as Ozzy Osbourne in the Reelz documentary series ‘Frontmen’. I then went for a jolly street theatre tour with Parrabbola in an effort to reengage the community, as well as appearing in various short films. I’ve also done bits of facilitation and entertainment work for Birmingham Repertory Theatre (appearing as the Mad Hatter in a school never gets old!). I’ve kept fresh by training with the likes of Frantic Assembly and Alexander Holloway (currently working on stunts/fights in The Rings of Power) to name a few.

I trained at Birmingham Ormiston Academy, which saw me in roles such as Caliban in ‘The Tempest’ which got me an award for best male classical actor in my year, and threw me into teaching animal movement for a while. After performing as Andy Fastow in ‘Enron’ and completing my training at BOA I returned to co-direct a movement intensive version of ‘Coriolanus’. Almost straight after this, I was accepted into the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.

My bio would be incomplete without mentioning The Birmingham Repertory Theatre. They continue to provide ongoing training, networking, support and opportunity as they have for many years. In the fateful 2020, I landed both the parts of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Winston in 1984, and worked on the movement in Lord of the Flies. In 2019, The Guardian gave five stars to our production of Evan Placey’s Jekyll & Hyde, playing Dr Lanyon. 2022 will see me return to Shakespeare as Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

That’s all well and good, but who am I outside the arts? Well, you can occasionally catch me rolling around town on a unicycle! I’m a big reader; insatiably curious about religion/spirituality and those ideas that can really shape us as people. I’m also really interested in sustainability issues, and am humbled to be a listening volunteer for Samaritans (an experience that has helped form my play). In a nutshell: I’m insatiably curious about life and like telling stories about it!

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