Amos Hart- Chicago- (2018)

Photos of me performing as ‘Amos Hart’ in Chicago at the Arena Theatre (Wolverhampton), 2018. This role taught me how significant and interesting seemingly insignificant and simplistic characters can be. The whole point of the character Amos is that he is really the only normal person in the piece, the only truly good character. Without him the punchy message of the piece is not delivered. This taught me the importance of the “normal” characters, that despite their normality they can be of striking importance, impact and interest. This role is also practically designed for rapport building with the audience and tugging on their heart strings! There’s nothing like that feeling of knowing you’ve got the audience in the palm of your hand; knowing that your performance is actually effecting the spectators, the real world, in some way.

“Peter Harrison as Roxie’s long-suffering hubby Amos, brought a tear to the eye with a superb rendition of Mr Cellophane” ~ Express and Star (See the full review here)